Interactive Display for Business
Make the most of your meetings
In the business world, time is money. Efficiency and understanding are key to having successful meetings and moving forward with projects. Interactive Displays for business provide a simple, straightforward tool for presentations and meetings. Collaboration is also made possible using four optical imaging sensors instead of two, as the displays recognize 4 points of touch and support dual writing capability. A variety of sizes are available to suit any space, and unlike projector based systems, the images appear bright in all lighting conditions.
Interactive Displays for business utilize our most advanced touch recognition systema and offer multi touch recognition. Documents, maps, videos, blueprints, renderings and other digital content are integral to meetings and presentations. Navigate through, annotate, and share your resources by touch to maximize productivity.
Illustrate complex ideas for clients, partners, or co workers. Tackle problems together.     With more touch points, more people can collaborate on the display. After editing, save and share your work with teammates.
Make the most of your video conference sessions. Don’t just talk about projects, work on them together.       .

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•  Interactive Smart LCD & LED
•  LCD Tablet Monitor
•  Smart Desk
•  Digital Signage
•  Video Wall
•  Interactive Smart Table
•  Interactive White Board
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•  Interactive Display for Business