Interactive Display for Education
The foundation of any SMART classroom
No projector, no bulbs, no shadows, no maintenance. Simple installation and operation are just some of the reasons people are switching from interactive whiteboards to interactive LCD displays. With the adoption of tempered anti-reflective glass, the images produced are sure to inspire students. AHA interactive displays provide the best in image quality and touch accuracy.
What can they do?
Adding digital content to a lesson has never seemed so natural
Interactive Displays are the perfect way to integrate documents, videos, presentations, websites or other digital content into a lesson. It’s possible to navigate through and interact with a wealth of digital resources simply by touching the screen.
Make notes, annotate, draw, rotate and scale digital content simply by touch.     Illustrate complex ideas for student with pictures, renderings, videos, and other multimedia.
Motivate students to take action, create, collaborate, and share their own ideas.     Help students review course materials more easily and maximize the effectiveness of your lessons.

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