Interactive Smart LCD & LED Series  
•  Digital Podium
•  Interactive Smart LCD & LED
•  LCD Tablet Monitor
•  Smart Desk
•  Digital Signage
•  Video Wall
•  Interactive Smart Table
•  Interactive White Board
•  Interactive Display for Education
•  Interactive Display for Business
Interactive Smart LCD
True HD picture with vivid and detailed quality. AHA’s high-tech Interactive LCDs provide a quality environment for digital lectures.
• The presenter will not cast shadows while standing in front of the 1080p display.
• Images can be seen in any lighting conditions,   unlike projector based systems
• The display’s optical imaging sensors detect touch from any object of any size.
• The teacher is not limited to a special pen.
• Create media rich learning environments with this chalk-less digital system.
• Prepared for the future of IPTV, HD educational content is possible through a variety of video inputs,   Compatible with various multimedia contents.
• 178 degrees of viewing freedom allows content to be effectively seen by all students.
• Images have a high brightness and contrast ratio in all lighting conditions.
• Simply touch the screen to write, edit, or navigate through a lecture. Optical sensors detect touch with   high accuracy and fast response time.
Interactive Smart LED
AHA interactive LED displays offer images with the best contrast ratio. They are the most energy efficient presentation tools available.
• Can be connected to computers, cable boxes, cameras, and other video devices directly to the display. Switch freely between different video sources.
• Works without bulbs, filters, and cool down time, AHA’s interactive displays are simple to maintain.