Digital Podium Series  
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•  Interactive Smart LCD & LED
•  LCD Tablet Monitor
•  Smart Desk
•  Digital Signage
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•  Interactive White Board
•  Interactive Display for Education
•  Interactive Display for Business
Smart Podium - Maestro
[Maestro – 19NB / Maestro – 19WG / Maestro – 22DG / Maestro – 290G]
If you’re searching for a podium that commands the audience’s attention, look no further.  The Maestro is our most popular and most proven model.  Its large size and durable structure makes it stand out in lecture halls and conference centers throughout the world. Boasting a fully integrated a/v system, the Maestro is sure to have the audience in tune with your lecture or presentation.
Digital Podium - elf
The first of its kind
[ELF-19LS / ELF-19LD / ELF-19D / ELF-19NB]
The Elf combines the latest in technology and security to create a podium that improves not only the experience of a room, but the building itself.  With dual screens, the presenter can more easily manage the contents and create seamless transitions.  It’s possible to secure the Elf through RFID recognition so only registered users may use the system.  The Elf’s RMS capabilities also allow for remote control and monitoring of connected devices.  In buildings with more than one lecture hall, this makes it possible to control all rooms from one location.
Smart Podium - Simpo
The first of its kind
[SIMPO-22 / SIMPO-22D]
The Simpo is our newest version.   The simple laptop interface allows for users to connect the easily switch between presenting material from their own devices, or from a dedicated computer. The Simpo’s adjustability and front storage compartment make it a sleek, simple and stylishly efficient version.
Smart Podium - DPL
Smart Podium DPL
A stylist design with stepped up performance, a strong steel body, and cutting edge digital power. Control AMP and audio video controls are all contained within the podium. Writing, drawing, and video recording software all available with the “Edupen Pro” system RMS system available (optional)
Supported OS: Win98 / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7
Writing input S/W: Edupen Pro
All multimedia equipment, and teaching / training materials can be connected and supported.
Smart Podium - Smartium
The Smartium combines the functionality of a desk with all the benefits of a digital podium. Choose an appropriated layout by alternating the 3 sections that make up the Smartium. The lecturing console is height adjustable for presenters who either want to stand or sit while giving a lesson. Lowering the Smartium provides ample space for working comfortably in a desk format, either on the computer or off to the side.