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Spread your message precisely
Broadcast a variety of digital contents for Public Information, Internal information, Advertising, Enhancing Customer Experience, or influencing Behaviour. Whatever your objective may be, AHA has a solution. Digital Signage outperforms traditional pamphlets and posters by offering dynamic audio, video and imagery 24/7. Digital signage is programmable depending on the location or time of day, and cab be updated instantaneously to adapt to changing situations.
Floorstanding Signage
Standalone Signage Display available with and without touch.
• 46” LCD panel, Full HD ready.
• Strong steel exterior casing.
• Available with or without computer.
• LAN support with optional wireless LAN
• Speakers included
• Bluebird software included.
Signage Display
Signage Display available with and without touch.
• Mount in portrait or landscape format.
• LCD sizes from 32” to 82”.
• Full HD ready.
• LAN support with optional wireless LAN.
• Speakers included.
• Bluebird software (optional)