Smart Desk  
•  Digital Podium
•  Interactive Smart LCD & LED
•  LCD Tablet Monitor
•  Smart Desk
•  Digital Signage
•  Video Wall
•  Interactive Smart Table
•  Interactive White Board
•  Interactive Display for Education
•  Interactive Display for Business
An essential tool for the connected classroom
Tablets and slate PCs are becoming common tools in the classroom. However, these devices can be fragile, and use up valuable time to distribute to students in every class.  The AHA Smart Desk is a blend of the old and new, putting the latest interactive technology in the hands of each student.
• Transition easily between digital and conventional learning   materials.
• Allow students to take part in digitally based lectures.
• Perfect for design and media classes.
• Using management software, instructors can supervise   students individually track their progress.
• No need for storage and recharging solutions that are   common with tablets and slate PCs.